Which Roof Design is Best for Your Home?

The type of roof design you choose for your home is an important decision. Roofing is as important as the foundation your home sits on and should be chosen carefully. With all the benefits your roof will deliver, such as protection from weather conditions and its aesthetic pleasures, you want to choose the best roofing design possible.

These are some factors to consider when deciding on which roofing design to use:

  • Aesthetics
    • Your roofing design should complement your home. Complementing your home’s design includes looking at your type of chimney structure, doors, patio, and windows. Everything should blend together to give your home a great look
  • Cost
    • Different roofing designs will have varying costs. You will want to choose one that looks great, but is still within your budget
  • Climate in your area
    • Your local climate plays a significant factor when choosing a roofing design. If it rains a lot, you may want to go with a sloping roof, so rainfall runs off. If your area is humid, you do not want a roofing design that will encourage the growth of algae, mildew, or mold

Roofing Designs and Their Impact

When you begin to think about the design of your roof, you might only consider what it will look like. While it is important to have a roof that complements your home, you also want to consider strength, utility, and its lifetime. These are some roofing designs and their impact on having them on your home.

  • Hip
    • A Hip design roof is a bit more challenging to build as it has four sides. Many choose this design even though it doesn’t offer much ventilation. This style of roofing does well in high wind areas
  • Mansard
    • Mansard is a French design and is more challenging to build than the Hip style. The roofing features two slopes within one on each side of your house. The bottom portion of the slope is steeper and makes more room on the inside of the slope to create extra space
  • Shed
    • A Shed roof is very similar to a flat roof, but with a bit more pitch. This design is typically used on additions or with other roof styles
  • Gambrel
    • A Gambrel roof is also referred to as a ‘barn’ roof as it was extensively used on barn buildings. This design of this roof will give you additional headspace in your attic
  • M-Shaped
    • The M-shaped roof is a double-gable roof that has two sloped sides. The two slopes meet in the middle resembling the letter ‘M’
  • Gable
    • When two pitched areas of a roof meet in a triangle spot, this is referred to as a ‘Gable.’ This design is very popular for a roof, and is easy to build, provides great ventilation, and works with almost all house designs
  • Dutch
    • A Dutch roof design is much like the Hip roof, but with a small gable at both ends. You will have easier access to the lower portion of this roof and get better natural light and extra space
  • Flat
    • Typically a roof will not be completely ‘Flat.’ A flat roof is one with low-slopes that look as though the roof is flat. There needs to be some slope to allow water run-off
  • Butterfly
    • The Butterfly style is a modern design to provide unique aesthetics. You will receive a lot of natural light and ventilation with this style, but drainage is not very adequate
  • Dormer
    • A Dormer is more of an addition to an existing roof. The Dormer provides you another window and its roofing is typically flat, hipped, or gabled. The Dormer will protrude from your existing roof and creates usable space along with natural light

The design of your roof and the material you use are very significant decisions for your home. If you would like professional advice on which works best for your area and home, talk to PrimeTime Roofing.

Who to Contact for Roofing Designs

PrimeTime Roofing offers roofing solutions using the latest in technology with our skilled, experienced roofing experts. If you need help in selecting the best design with quality materials for your home’s roof, call one of our professionals. With PrimeTime Roofing, you get quality services to meet all your expectations. 

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