What to do if Your Roof Springs a Leak

There is no good time for your roof to spring a leak. A leaky roof is a disaster any time it happens. While this is not a good thing to happen, there are steps you can take to help reduce the damages, minimize the costs, and prevent it from leaking in the future. 

Once you discover a leak in your roof, you have to make sure it causes as little damage as possible. To reduce the damages, put plastic coverings over the top of anything that can be water damaged, or move them out of harm’s way. This process includes electronics, furniture, and anything else of value. 

Other measures you can take to protect your property from damage.

1. Restrain the Water

Put a waterproof bucket or another form of container under the leaks to catch the water. If the water is coming too fast and splashing on the floor, put something in the bottom of the container to absorb the splashing. If it is not leaking too fast, you can put a string in the ceiling near the leak and allow the water to follow a path down the string and into the container. You notice your paint is bubbling near the leak, it is a sign there is water trapped under the paint. You will want to puncture the bubbles to release the water. If you cannot contain the water, you need to call Prime Time Roofing immediately to reduce your risk of serious damages. 

2. Get Rid of the Water

If you are able to control the leak, the next step is to thoroughly dry all woodwork, furniture, carpet, and any other items that have been exposed to water. Water will leave a stain if not dried up. A serious problem that can occur if you don’t dry the water, it could allow mold to grow. 

If your carpeting has gotten wet, you need to pull it away from the padding underneath and allow air to hit both sides of the pad and the rug. Use briskly circulating air to dry these materials. If you have suffered a serious leak in your roof and experienced extensive damage to your carpet, you will have to call a professional water extraction company. 

3. Contact your Homeowners Insurance

If you have experienced extensive damages from a leaky roof, you will need to contact your homeowner’s insurance company as soon as possible. Not all policies cover leaky roofs, but you should check with your agent right away to check your coverages. 

Fixing a Leaky Roof

After you have done all the steps to protect yourself from further water damage, and you feel you have the leak under control, it is time to fix the leak in your roof. The damage must be repaired properly by a professional so there are no repeat incidents of a leaky roof. Working with a licensed roofing contractor such as Prime Time Roofing will ensure you get quality work to prevent any further leaks. 

These are some tips on choosing a good contractor:

  • Get quotes from various contractors
  • Make sure the contractor is licensed to repair or do roofing and will get the proper permits if needed
  • The contractor has to agree to locate and repair all damages before re-roofing
  • Ask for maintenance tips on your new or repaired roof to prevent further leaks
  • Make sure the work is guaranteed

Who to Contact if you Experience a Leaky Roof

Prime Time Roofing is a licensed, trusted, and established roofing company in Douglas County, Colorado. Our services use the latest technology with experienced, skilled roofing experts. It is our goal to give you the satisfaction you deserve to fix your roof, windows, or provide painting services. If you want to fix a leak in your roof and ensure there are no future problems. Prime Time Roofing is your solution. 

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