The Benefits of Roof Windows and Skylights

There are many benefits of having roof windows and skylights, but just like buying new gutters or getting your roof replaced, there are factors to consider when having these installed. There are pros and cons involved and pitfalls you want to avoid, such as choosing the right equipment and your home’s particular structure. 

Installing windows on your roof or skylights is different for everyone. You may have chosen to have one installed to gain more natural light in a specific room, or are looking for better ventilation. If you are considering one of these windows, these are some of the benefits you will gain.

Benefits from Having Roof Windows and Skylights

There are several benefits with windows on your roof or skylights. One significant factor is they will increase the overall value of your home. These windows are also an excellent benefit in dark, cold or stuffy rooms. There are other reasons to consider having a window or skylight added to your home.

  • Better Ventilation and Fresh Air
    • Having a window on your roof that you can open will allow you to freshen the air coming into your home. With the placement of this window, it will create a cross-breeze or ventilation in stuffy rooms which can help to cool them down. This window could reduce your need for an air conditioner. 
  • Natural Light
    • Another significant benefit of having a window on your roof is the increase of natural light in your home. This window will not only lighten up your living space but will also provide you with solar heat. Having increased natural light in your living space is reported to improve moods, and during cold months the solar heat will reduce your utility costs. 
  • Resale Value
    • As mentioned above, a significant benefit of having roof windows or skylights is the resale value of your house increasing. This cosmetic change adds equity to your house and enhances the beauty of your home.  
  • Add Space to a Room
    • Just like adding a mirror to a room will create a feeling of more space, so will adding a window on your roof. A skylight will make a room feel more spacious, and can also provide a great view of the night sky. 

Disadvantages of Roof Windows and Skylights

Anytime you perform a cosmetic change to your home, you run into potential disadvantages. The professionals who install these windows report most disadvantages resulting from poor decisions. These are some of the decisions you should consider before installing a window on your roof:

  • Hiring a service with no experience in window installation
  • Purchasing poor quality equipment without a warranty
  • Placing the window in a poor location
  • Installing the window yourself without professional guidance

These decisions will impact how well your window will work and the benefits you can expect from it. The wrong placement, for example, can cause you to lose heat, or bring in too much light. When considering the installation of a skylight or roof window, you want to work with professionals who have experience with this type of window placement. 

Who to Contact for Installation of Roof Windows and Skylights

Primetime Roofing is a licensed roofing company with experience in the industry. We offer you all types of roofing services using the latest technology with our skilled roofing experts. If you are considering the installation of a skylight, our professional team is ready to provide excellent service with quality materials to lighten your home. 

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